Mexican Pottery



Well, I have been rummaging through the archives trying to find more neat stuff. I have taken a little hiatus from the blog for a few weeks due to a backlog  of  “honey do’s” that needed to be done. I finally found the time though, to drag this baby up  and get a picture of it. This thing has to be forty years old. My family brought it back from a trip to Mexico city because they thought I would like it. I had it in my apartment for many years and I now keep it in my office. As you can see it is very colorful. It was purchased from a “street vendor” and was one of the largest being offered.  I have no idea if these are still being made for the tourist trade or if it is a rare item. It is fairly large being 18″ tall and 15″ wide at the handles.  The top opening is almost 10″ in diameter. I think it is very funky looking. -JPA



Colorful yes, and plenty ugly but it’s  probably what attracted me to this ugly oil painting.  I picked this up at a local art show, many years ago.  I was one of the first there and picked this painting up for 100 dollars.  Some TV geek told me recently that this picture was on the set of a local television show that played scary movies on Saturday nights.  The show was suppposedly on many years ago and was hosted by a witch named Crematia Mortem (aka Roberta Solomon). You couldn’t prove it by me but it is a really neat oil painting. It is signed on the back JARNO and dated 1979.

towle-elephant1This is a pewter elephant that I bought from a strange lady at a makeshift  garage sale. She had set up her boxes of junk on the side of a busy throughfare near some commercial buildings.  Before I left with this little treasure I remember we ended up arguing about something. I don’t remember exactly what she was mad about but she almost chased me to my car.  Anyway I ended up with this little jewel for under ten dollars.  It was made by  Towle Silversmiths who, I think, were a famous company that made a lot of sterling silver flatware. I have tried to find out about this little elephant but I have had no luck. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of finding out more about it.   I have had it for about 10 to 12 years.  It is 4″ long x2.5″ high. It is marked on the bottom: TOWLE PEWTER and then the number 7622.   JPA


I bought this little sitting fox about ten years ago. It is by Royal Doulton and was made in England. The red and black color is what Royal Doulton calls “FLAMBE.”  Over the years they have produced many figures is this style.  A lot of collectors specialize in these types of figures, some are worth quite a bit. I think this piece has been retired since 1996. I paid fifty dollars which probably was market price at that time. I think it is worth about $250 or $300 today. Let me know if I am wrong or if I am putting too high a value on it. It is perfect with no cracks, crazing or chips.   JPA


Here is another painting from my collection. I have many paintings by this artist. Most of them I purchased 25 or 30 years ago at various art shows.  I bought this particular painting in 1981. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it but it was around two hundred fifty dollars. It is a big painting measuring 48″ x 36″, I don’t know who the subject of the painting  is, but he is obviously in the process of making a decision.  One of his hands holds a big cigar and the other is gesturing or pointing down.  The title of the painting is “Judgment Day,” which makes sense to me. It is very simply framed with 2″ woden slats. The artist has signed it on the back, and (as in my other paintings of him/her) I find it very hard to read. I think it says “JARNO.” I am trying to do more research on this artist, as I would like to see what the current works are like.  All of the pieces that I own are from years ago.    JPA


I consider myself pretty lucky to have obtained this wonderful vase. This was given to me by the artist herself, back in the late seventies. During this time she was expirimenting with clay/potery and the use of unique glazes. She called this a “crayola vase.”  As you can see it is very unique and colorful. It is a one-of-a-kind piece and is very artistically rendered. Philomene Bennett is a mid-western artist from Kansas City. She has exhibited her works in galleries around the world and has works in public as well as in private collections. You can see more of her work here. The “crayola vase” is roughly 8.5″ tall by 4.5″ wide. It is signed on the bottom “PHILOMENE.”   JPA



This is a nice statue of a big-eared african elephant. I bought this at a close-out store back in the early eighties.  There was a rack with about 50 or 60 of these statues on it and they were going for about ten dollars each. There is nothing great about this other than I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is.  The tag on the bottom says A. Santini, Sculpture, Italy.  They are still making statues and selling them everywhere on the internet. I havn’t seen an elephant like this though, maybe they are no longer making it. It is 11.5″ tall and 12″ long. It is made out of imitation marble. It looks a lot nicer than the photo.   JPA